340 hours

Responsible Mining at its finest, OceanaGold truly is one of the best mining companies in the world. Prioritizing safety and constantly abiding environmental compliance to deliver not only gold and copper, but also hope.

Hope to stakeholders, hope to the community, that with with appropriate practices, success is achievable.

So, for our 34 days of learning, fun and adventure, thank you OceanaGold!!! It is truly an honor to be a part of your family.

Maraming salamat at sana ay tayo’y magkita’t magkasama muli.





​Like a galleon 

floating in the sea

The moon hovers 

above the clouds

He hides and disappears

Cowering back in the mist 

But still its glare

shines through 

the walls of the fog

Still flashing 

its white light 

in the dark